Foreigner brought into malaysia for voting not treated well

By Felix DrobolixSo today i went to have breakfast nearby college , and i spotted a foreigner slept infront of TOA staircase entrance . He was pretty wounded and at first...

A senior citizen passed away right after she voted.

She was waiting for the chance to vote and she literally waited till the end and passed away at the place to vote

Penyokong BN Cedera, Penyokong Pakatan Menolong

This is the new era of Politics.

Fikir Bulat-Bulat lol

A different approach used here.

This is 1 Malaysia

Nothing about parties its about the rakyat.

High Up

Pakatan Rakyat flags. I wonder how they got up there.

Only in Penang

Nice sailor type bus stop bench. Good job Penang. No wonder they get more tourist coming in.

Bangkitlah Wahai Rakyat Malaysia

Amanat Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim - Menjelang PRU 13"Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera!Saya mohon agar rakyat Malaysia bertenang dan dapat meluangkan 10 minit dari masa berharga anda untuk membaca luahan hati saya...

Free Laptop If BN Wins the GE 13

Barisan Nasional has decided to give free laptop for every school students for educational purposes if they win thiscoming General Election - 13th GE.According to our Education Minister "Muhyiddin Yassin", the...

Why Malaysian’s Don’t Feel Safe?

Malaysians deserve a safer Malaysia Under Barisan Nasional, crime-fighting (CID) receives only 8% of total funding allocated to the Royal Malaysian Police and with the remaining of the fund used in other...