Top 10 Things Malaysian Gen-Y Do When They Are Bored

top 10 things malaysian do when they are bored

We Generation Ys in Malaysia tend to get bored faster than anyone else because we don’t really have productive activities, schedules and we are literally lazy. So, we in FM (FunnyMalaysia) decided to list down the top 10 things we do when we are bored. Below are the list.

1. Stalking on Facebook

facebook logo malaysia


That’s right! We Malaysians spend too much time on Facebook. Based on a recent survey by international firm TNS, we have the most friends in the social network compared to any other countries following with Brazil and Norway. And we spend about 9 hours on average WEEKLY on Facebook alone.

2. Movies (Downloading/Online Stream)

download movies online malaysia


Something we are good at. Getting things for free. Well, at times we even stream it more to often save up the space we have on our PC/Laptop.

3. Going to a Mamak

nasi kandar pelita


Mamak is a place to be for us. Where ever we go, we will surely end up in one of these places at the end of the day. And most of the time we just order a few drinks and spend about 2-3 hours just talking about life, gossiping and sometimes talking nonsense.

4. Browsing Channels on TV and YouTube

browsing channels on tv and youtube

See that boy right there in the picture. That’s us with a remote or a mouse on our hand just clicking on things to watch to make those precious time fly.

5. Nap Time

malaysian napping

Yes. We Gen Ys nap more often. And the best part, we can do it anywhere, anytime and even if we are in some deep shit. This is actually one of the reason why we have some pretty bad sleeping cycles.

6. Sports

malaysia and futsal


The only thing productive and beneficial we do when we are bored. Playing some sports like futsal and basketball.

7. Gaming – We sure love DOTA

we malaysias dota


What our world would be like without games like Battlefield, Diablo and Dota? 

8. Day Dreaming

malaysian day dreaming


Some of you may be shy to admit this BUT we all got to admit that we do this quite often. In classes, driving, watching tv and even while eating. It feels good though.

9. Window Shopping

malaysian window shopping


We like to see and touch things that we can’t own because that’s just in our nature.

10. Planning on a Road Trip that never happens

malaysian road trip


That picture up there is very unlikely to happen in Malaysia. We talk about lots of road trips to go here and there, doing this and that in the weekends but the plan just dies off and that’s because we end up sleeping and our high level of laziness.