Your Old Pokemon Cards and Some Other Things Can Make You Rich

1. Charizard Pokemon Card – (about RM8,900)


If you’ve got a first edition, shiny Charizard Pokemon card lying around, then you’re in luck. Got an original? You’re in for serious money, with one currently listed for $2,340 (about RM8,900).
2. iPod Nano 1st Gen (about RM445 to RM750)


If you’ve still got one of these laying about then congratulations for surviving years under that rock. You can trade these in to Apple and get a brand new Nano for free because of a battery defect. If you’re still a fan of cold, hard cash, then this’ll fetch you around three figures.
3. Original Game Boy (about RM1,200)


Everyone had one and you knew you were cool if you could play Tetris on the move. If you’ve still got one kicking about and it’s in good nick, you might get yourself some decent coins for it.
4. iPhone 2G 1st Genration (about RM8,000)


Another Apple gem, the original iPhone did basically nothing in comparison to its grown up siblings nowadays. You can’t even get on the internet to see how much it’s worth, so we’ve saved you the legwork. Provided it’s still in the box you’ll get just over eight grand.
5. Final Fantasy VII (about RM46, 000)


Final Fantasy is great but apparently even better than we thought. We’re pretty sure this guy is taking the piss, but plenty of people are watching the listing and presumably ready to drop millions on just one old PS1 game. So, ahem, list yours sealed and you’ll get exactly £7,777 (about RM46,000).
6. Polaroid prototype (about RM11,000)


We know. It’s a bit like the Instagram logo, isn’t it. This one’s a prototype though and properly rare but you’ll be paid handsomely.
7. LEGO Hogwarts Castle (about RM3,000)


If you’ve got one sealed, they’ll net you a big sum for reasons only our innermost childishishness can explain.
8. Apple Watch Rose Gold (about RM85,000)


Recent one this, but if you’re the kind of bloke to go out and buy three of everything without really looking at it, you might have chucked these in the loft of one of your many, many luxury homes. You’ll get a slight gain on buying them new but probably worth holding on to for future millionaire debauchery.

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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