Woman Burns Mistress to Death on the Street


A woman from Kunming, Yunnan (China)  burned her husband’s mistress to death on the street by splashing gasoline and setting her on fire before attempting to commit suicide.

Burning 1

The woman, whose surname is Shi, allegedly followed the mistress and threw gasoline on her near a teahouse before setting her on fire. Part of the homicide was recorded on video, and shows the woman on fire in the street.

The woman said that the mistress forced her into a divorce.


Witnesses in the area attempted to put out the fire but they could not find a fire extinguisher nearby and had to use water instead to stop the flames.

When the fire was finally put out, the woman’s body was unidentifiable.


Shi (the suspect) attempted suicide by drinking pesticide and cutting herself with a knife.

While she was taken to the ambulance, Shi reportedly kept murmuring: “It’s meaningless for me to live alone. I don’t want to live.

Shi is now receiving medical attention and is in serious condition. Officials are continuing to investigate the attack.


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