What Malaysians can buy instead of an iPhone 6

what malaysians can buy
A standard 16GB iPhone 6 currently cost RM2,400 without any contracts. If you get the one under a contract, you will still need to fork out the same amount of money. 
Well, with RM2,400 on hand, there are a lot of things you can actually do/buy here in Malaysia.

1. A PlayStation 4 (RM1,366) and a Samsung 40″ LED TV (RM988) for your room

playstation 4 tv

2. Or you can go crazy by having the shopping spree you always wanted. New shoes, new handbags, new watch, new pants, new shirts and anything else that makes you look good the whole time

shopping spree

3. If you are all about movies, then you can get a 40″ Samsung SMART Full HD LED TV (RM1,399) and a Pioneer Dvd Home Theater System (RM999)

home theater system

4. 8 Days 7 Nights package vacation in Pulau Perhentian (3 Star Hotel). Includes breakfast, lunch & dinner

pulau perhentian vacation

5. Apple iPad Mini (RM955) + 15.6″ Lenovo laptop (RM1,139) + a 1TB external hard disk by Western Digital (RM228)

laptop ipad

6. You can buy a USED motorcycle – Example: Used 2009 Suzuki Shogun motorcycle that only cost RM2,288 NEGOTIABLE!

suzuki shogun

7. If you spend RM100 on average for petrol…That’s RM400 a month…RM400 X 6 = RM2,400 which is equivalent to a price of an iPhone 6. In other words, instead of buying an iPhone 6, you can fill your car tank for 6 months

petrol price increase

8. Or you can pay for your toll for the next 16 months

For instance if you pay RM5 daily on tolls. That’s RM150 per month. RM2,400/150 = 16 months!!

9. If you spend most of the time in your room, you can get yourself a brand new air-conditioner (RM800) and still manage to pay for the electricity consumption for 3 years

The calculation below is for a 1 HP air-conditioner:
1HP = 765W(watt).
TNB (Tenaga Nasional Berhad) charges you RM0.218 per kWh for the first 200 kWh per month.
1HP = 0.746kWh.
0.746kWh X RM0.218 = RM0.16 per hour for a 1HP air conditioner.
If you use the air-conditioner averagely 8 hours per day: RM0.16 X 8 Hours = RM1.28 per day X 30 days = RM38.4 per month X 12 = RM460.8.
RM2,400 – RM800 (Air-Conditioner price) = RM1,600/460.8 = 3.47 or 3 Years 5 Months and 6 Days.

10. Or you can just save the money in your bank..since we always complain “no money”

no money

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