What if an Indian becomes the Prime Minister in Malaysia

indian prime minister
1. Every prime minister in Malaysia have their own perspective when it comes to investments..
Najib : “Invest lah dalam Malaysia!”
Pak Lah : “Invest lah dalam bidang pertanian di Malaysia!”
Indian : “Invest lah dalam emas!”

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2. Baba’s and Alagappa’s will be semi-government companies 


3. Speaking of spices, our Indian Prime Minister will subsidize mutton, chicken and all the spices 

chicken curry malaysi

And he will go like “Now everyone can eat chicken and mutton curry”
4. The slogan “1Malaysia” will be changed to “Jimat Lah Duit”

feeling sad

Since Indians are stingy…
5. Instead of BR1M being handed out to households, 5KG of rice will be distributed to households EVERY MONTH
Here is the cost breakdown: 
Based on reports by The Malay Mail Online, 5.2 million households were qualified to receive BR1M in 2014. Therefore:
RM500 (BR1M) X 5.2 million = RM2.6 billion a year spent on BR1M
Assuming 5KG of rice is priced at RM30, therefore, RM30 X 5.2 million = RM156 million per month will be spent on rice (A year the cost would amount to RM1.872 billion)…
In other words, feeding the country every year is about RM800 million cheaper compared to giving BR1M..And our Indian Prime Minister will use that RM800 million to invest in gold.

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 6. Since education is important for an Indian man..The RM250 book voucher will still be distributed to students

book voucher

7. On top of all that, since we invest in gold, we are stingy and we are an oil producing country, we will be one of the richest and debt free country

malaysia oil

8. We will have one week public holiday for Deepavali and two days public holiday for Tamil New Year

deepavali party

For those of you who don’t know, Tamil New Year falls on the 14th of April this year (which was like a week ago and not many of you know about it)
9. Alcohol will be duty free all night, all day and all year long

indians buy alcohol

10. Speaking of alcohol being duty free, the government will also own and run alcohol companies in Malaysia

alcohol story

Disclaimer: This post was posted for entertainment purposes. We know Indians in Malaysia are more capable than this.

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