Types of Malaysian Clubbers

malaysian night club

1. Any clubs in Malaysia are filled with two types of people.

  • The people who buys champagne #ballers
  • The mediocre. The people who buys Black Label, Jack Daniels, Chivas, beers and so on


2. Guestlist seekers. Paying cover charge could be a pain at times

3. The calculators. We can always witness a group of people outside a particular club dividing the bill

4. The boys. Most of the guys hit the clubs hoping to get laid. Out of 10 times a guy go to a club, the percentage to bring a girl back home is still ZERO

cant get laid

5. The ladies. Most of the girls hit the clubs for the music and of course to show off the dance moves. And probably to meet their dream man. Pfffftt

6. Drunkards. You can spot them in almost every part of a night club in Malaysia

7. Hunters. These hunters are mostly found in the dance floor perimeter and they are mostly the boys hunting for the ladies. They literally trap the ladies by circulating and dancing around them

8. Sugar Daddies. Night clubs here in Malaysia are mostly filled with young college students and at times you will come across an old uncle who is setting up his own custom built trap for the young girls

9. The Cock Blockers. No comments here

cock blockers everywhere

10. Creepy Crawlers. There is always one guy who walks around the dance floor or table to table with a creepy smile and a polite voice saying “Hey”. Well ladies, all that guy wants is to simply get to know you

serious creepy crawler

11. The “Sun” Gazers. You can always find a bunch of guys at the dance floor starring up to the girls dancing on the podium

12. There is only one thing in common about all of us Malaysian clubbers….we all crave for a delicious plate of Maggi goreng after a fun clubbing night

maggi goreng

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