This guy explains why Filipinos Suck in Dota 2

If there would be a race that everyone in all continents would hate, there would be only one: The Filipino.

Forget the Russians, a lot of pro players are Russian and are trying to ease down the community by being good models to the Russian DOTA community.


Forget the Peruvians, they can be tolerable most of the time and don’t flame as much as Russians and Pinoys do.

Filipinos are the cancer of DOTA 2. But every disease has a diagnosis and what proceeds after a diagnosis is treatment. Now the Filipino DOTA 2 community is a cancer that would be hard to treat a year or 5 years from now.

Let me explain why they are the cancer of the SEA Server and of the whole DOTA 2 community and most especially why they don’t deserve the hate they’re getting at here in Reddit:

1.) Suboptimal Internet Connection

Lags and packet losses are very normal in the Philippines even in pro matches. In online tournaments and daily practices/scrims of Filipino teams such as Mineski, TNC etc. there would be an eternal wave of packet losses.

Notice that in most pro matches, one would pause their game when there’s packet loss. Filipino pro teams go on and continue their playing, not minding the little things that can affect their game because of these packet losses.

These little things include:

A 0.5 second too late Dazzle shallow grave or A 0.5 second too late BKB by Gyrocopter being melted by stuns

If there would be no packet loss, then every player in the Philippines would improve their CS by at least 20 percent.

Rave, the only Filipino team that had the shot at the Tier 1/2 teams in DOTA 2 had disappeared because of PH internet problems. Their players Cast, Chrissy and ryor had devolved into a Tier 2 Filipino Team who can’t even win their games because the Internet in the Philippines is shit compared to what equipment they had back in South Korea.

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Now when pro teams are invited to international tournaments where no lag of any kind will happen, these Filipino teams will enter a phase of “momentum shock” where they totally lose momentum in their games because they are not used to an environment with no packet loss.

To explain this, picture a Pudge that is about to hook a Dazzle that is static farming. In an environment with no packet loss, the hook will instantaneously reach Dazzle. However in an environment with packet loss, that hook will take 0.5 – 1 second before it reaches dazzle. So therefore a Pinoy pro player would likely time his hook inaccurately.


Filipinos are used to playing 150+ ms and they would perceive that to be normal. So much for a usual redditor who would flame a Pinoy for being such a noob when they are playing at a ping they perceive to be normal.

All of these ping problems can be rooted into one thing: government neglect. The Philippines has the slowest internet speed in Asia, averaging at 2-3 MBPS but yet people still play DOTA 2. With a government ridden with corruption and a majority who has a strong hate for people using condoms, that country will just go nowhere. Not to mention an Internet oligopoly that charges people $30.00/month for 2 megabytes per second. However, the Filipino’s love for the game is just so inextinguishable that it hurts.

Do you know that this race you are flaming can go on a Godlike streak at 400 ping at Chinese made laptops? If you were to let them choose: “Uninstall DOTA wooden PC” or “Let them Play with 400 ping” they would still pick the latter because the ordinary Pinoy cannot play anything else but DOTA. The likes of Minecraft, Skyrim and Fallout etc. only belong to the sons of the elite politicians in the Philippines (I’m quite exaggerating but I hope it helps you perceive how dire the situation is in the Philippines)

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