Things only you will understand if you are friends with smokers in Malaysia

smoking malaysians

1. Whenever you hang out with them, there is always cigarette smoke

2. You did try their cigarette but you ended up hating it more

3. Some of your other friends fall into the trap and they started smoking too

4. You always watch them loosing lighters

where the fuck

5. Speaking of lighters, some of them have the coolest lighters you have ever seen and it makes you want to have the lighters

cool lighters

6. Whenever you are with them in a non-smoking zone, you will always be left out as they go somewhere far just to smoke

7. When you guys play football/footsal, badminton or whatsoever, you secretly enjoy the fact that they run out of breathe faster than you

loosing breath

8. You will also be amused with the stories they tell you about them getting caught by their parents for smoking even though it sounds very stupid

9. At times you even wonder why they even bother putting on perfume or cologne…because they always smell like cigarettes

10.  But in the end, you’ve slowly started accepting the fact that your friends come with a cigarette box

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