The History of Ramly Burger

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The Ramly Burger, also known as the Burger Ramly, is a Malaysian street burger founded by Ramly Mokni through Pemasaran Ramly Mokni Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.
It all started back in 1978 when our country was having issues importing beef meat due to the fact that Malaysian Muslims were having problem to identify whether the meat is halal or haram.
Ramly Mokni then decided to produce his own beef burger manually with a capital of RM2,000 only. The operation started at a flat located in Jalan Haji Hussein at Kampung Baru, however, business was bad in the beginning as many Malays were not into burgers.
But as time goes by, Ramly Mokni set up more burger stalls around Chow Kit area and since then the demand for his burgers increase among the Malays. He started selling 200 burger patties a day and the number of patties being sold was only increasing since that day.

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Ramly Burger company was established in 1980 and just 4 years down the road, Ramly Mokni successfully launched a factory in Industrial Area Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras and the factory produces about 10,000 burger patties everyday.
Ramly Mokni’s most challenging moments:
  • MARA (Majlis Amanah Rakyat) rejected his loan application (MARA thought Malaysians don’t love burgers)
  • Rumors that Ramly burgers were not halal
  • Rumors saying that the business has been sold to another party
Ramly now has a list of products under their brand which includes sausages, nuggets, chili sauce, minced meat and even meatballs. The company’s revenue reaches up to RM1 billion every year.

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