TARC Student Took Selfie With A Real Ghost in Setapak Prima Condominium

blurred ghost face
Credits to : Cherrie Ping
[Selfie with ghost] The story I’m about to tell is true. I believe many of us have heard ghost stories from friends and seen ghost pictures over the internet. Usually the ghost that captured in photos is like a human shadow in black/white color, or woman dressing in full white with long hair cover over her face. However, the ghost in this picture is not that simple. 

So.. This incident happened to my cousin, she is a TARC student, renting a room at 20th floor, Setapak Prima condo. 

Like many other girls, we take selfies wherever we go. On December 8, around 9pm, my cousin took selfie at her condo hallway. Basically she have taken 2 selfies. When she wants to take a third selfies, from her phone screen, she saw there’s a person standing right next to her. She is shock, and straightaway she turn around and see who’s beside or behind her, but there is no one. When she look back at her previous selfie pics, she only realized that……. she had taken two selfies with a female ghost. 

In the first picture, the ghost actually hiding behind my cousin and showed 1/3 of her face. Second picture, the ghost showed more than half of her face. As for the next selfie where my cousin didn’t manage to click capture because she turned around, described what she saw in the phone screen, the ghost actually came out from hiding behind her to standing next to her, this time showing full body and face, and wearing a red dress. This is even scarier when the ghost is not as simple as just a black or white shadow, the ghost features; eyes nose and mouth, with long hair and short fringe can be clearly seen in the picture I attached. You wouldn’t believe how scary it is!

blurred ghost face

I blurred the ghost face because I have to respect her spirit. My cousin’s friend, who has the “third eye” (can see ghost), explained to my cousin after seeing the picture, said that the ghost didn’t actually disturb my cousin or stick to her, the ghost was just passing by the hallway but when her face is being captured by my cousin, the ghost don’t like it and still, my cousin continue taking selfies because she didn’t know. Thus, the ghost got angry and feel that she’s been disturbed enough, so she appeared full body and stand right next my cousin. The ghost is trying to warn my cousin that she is unhappy that her face is being captured and giving hint to her to better stop now. 

The female ghost, she’s looking about 20-30 years old. She has short fringe and wore a red dress. Those who live in this condo, majority are TAR college students. The female ghost was so young, maybe she was one of the TARC student who committed suicide many years ago or has been murdered by someone. No one knows. It is very typical and common that the Chinese are very frightened when it comes to a ghost in red. Among the so many types of ghosts, the ghost in red is most feared. Even today, some poor families of young daughters who have been murdered are said to dress the girl’s body in red in the hope that she will return and take revenge on the murderer. The spirits of those who have died wrongful deaths, they cannot rest, and roam the world of the living trying to have the wrongs perpetrated against them put right. 

For those who don’t believe ghost exist in this world, BELIEVE IT.

Credits to : Cherrie Ping

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