Strawberries? Love them and they shall love you back!.



Who loves strawberries? I would like to say Everyone!.

Unfortunately, that is not the case!. There are still some who hates strawberries. Here is a list of why you should love them!:


1. Strawberries protect you!


Strawberries is packed with vitamin C, and vitamin C is a known immunity booster.


2. Strawberries enhance your vision.

2.enhance vision

Antioxidants in strawberries will prevent cataracts. Again, Vitamin C comes into play. Vitamin C is important to our eye which will protect it from the sun’s UV ray. Besides that is strengthen the cornea and retina of the eye.


3. Fights cancer.

3. Fight cancer

Continuing from point 1. Yes, our immunity is given a boost. Which will fight cancer cells.


4. Strawberries prevents wrinkles.

4. wrinkles

Again, the Vitamin C in the strawberries are proving itself. It is a main factor for the production of collagen. Collagen helps to keep our skin smooth.


5. Strawberries repels bad cholesterol.

5. cholesterol

Besides containing vitamin C, strawberries also contain heart-health boosters. It has an antioxidants which will benefit our hearts in various ways. One of the ways is reducing the bad cholesterol in our blood stream. 


6. Strawberries reduce inflammation.

5. arthiritis

From point 5, the antioxidant also help to reduce inflammation of the joints which will lead to arthritis.


7. Strawberries maintain blood pressure.

6. High pressure

This may not be the main star, but strawberries do contain potassium on a medium level. And potassium does help to regulate our blood pressure and may also reduce our blood pressure if it is too high. 


8. Strawberries for a healthy digestion. 

7. weight loss

Fibre is the key point here. Strawberries is pack with fibre too. 


9. Strawberries help in weight management. 

8. healthy digestion._weightloss

Have a strawberry diet to control your weight. We already have a backing up of 8 points. What more do you need. Strawberries are naturally low in calories and it does fill your stomach up.


10. Strawberries promote pre-natal health. 

9. prenatal

Strawberries has a good source of Folate. Folate is a B-vitamin which will greatly benefit women who is currently pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Folate helps in the development of the baby.



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