Pokemon Go is dangerous and haram in Islam

Well you guessed it right, it is just about time some guy will come out from the shadows and criticize something he or she don’t like using the religion card against it. 

According to a Malaysian freelance speaker Ustaz Shahrizan Daud, Pokemon Go is haram as the game is considered a form of gambling, which is forbidden in Islam.

gif batmanIn his own words according to MalaysiaKini, 

“Permainan Pokemon GO bukan saja melalaikan malah turut membahayakan nyawa pemain apabila terdapat laporan menyatakan segelintir individu sanggup memasuki kawasan larangan serta keluar pada waktu panas tengah hari, semata-mata untuk menangkap raksasa Pokemon.

“Banyak faktor yang menjadi penghalang atau gangguan kepada umat Islam untuk menempa kejayaan serta menjauhkan mereka daripada beribadah serta berbuat baik. Perkara ini sedikit sebanyak memberi impak negatif kepada pembangunan ummah”

Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia, top clerical body has renewed a 15-year-old edict that the Pokemon game franchise is un-Islamic, although the fatwa made no mention of the successful new Pokemon GO mobile game.

hahahaThe fatwa cited a number of prohibitions that justify the banning of the game, including gambling practices as two of the players compete to gain cards which hold different prices, and the stronger position of the two players wins the card; if the other player does not want to lose the card, he or she must pay its price.

The other prohibitions concern polytheism and the belief in and worship of many gods, in addition to the promotion and advertising of disbelief, logos, forbidden images and other caveats.

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