Personality Test, Know and Understand Who You Are

what's your personality

There are many personality test out there. Here are some questions that would definitely help you to know the basic characteristic of yourself.

Before getting into the questions, you must first know that the questions below have to be answered as quickly as possible. The first thing that come into your head is the answer. You definitely can’t change that answer. 

Second thing that you folks should know is that the answers has to be as detailed and specific as possible. Whatever your brains answer, that should be it.



1. Close your eyes and imagine you are heading for a nice hike (hiking). Your currently standing right at the bottom of the mountain. What’s the first animal that comes in your mind that you would like to bring along with you for hiking?

2. You are half way on top of the mountain and what’s the first animal you see wondering around in that jungle/mountain? (Other than the animal with you in the first question)

3. You then continue your journey on top and you saw a key. Will you take the key? Yes or No?

4. You keep going and you reach at one point of the mountain and you saw a house. That’s right, a HOUSE! Is the door of the house Open or Closed? 

5. You get yourself into the house and start exploring. The first thing you noticed was a fridge/refrigerator. When you open it, you see a bottle of mineral water, coke and a beer. Which one of the following would be your choice of drink?

6. You keep going around the house and you saw a dining table. What’s the shape of the dining table? 


Basically that’s about it. Once you got all your answers, below is where you find the explanation of your answers.

answers below



1. The animal that you bring along with you for the hike represents yourself. IF your answer is “tiger” than the personality of a tiger are urgent (always in a hurry), always in the lead, fearless and such things.

2. The first animal that you see wondering around is actually what you are looking for in your future wife/husband. What I mean is the personality. If it is a butterfly, then the personality of the butterfly is what you are looking for in your future partner.

3. The key represents an opportunity. How well do you take an opportunity? If your answer is No, then an opportunity can be easily slide of your hands. If your answer is Yes, then you are good in taking an opportunity.

4. The door of the house represents your heart in terms of relationship. If the door is close, it means that you are not ready for another relationship or you are currently taken. If it is open, it means that you are definitely ready for another relationship.

5. The drinks that you choose represents your LUST (Temptations). If it’s a mineral water, that shows your lust level is pretty low. If it was Coke, your lust level is average. Beer, no comments.

6. The shape of the dining table represents your mindset and decision making. If you choose a shape that is curvy such as oval, round and so on, that shows that your decision can change anytime. Or in other words, it can be manipulated easily. If you choose a shape with sharp edges like triangle, square and rectangle, this shows that your decision is pretty much stagnant. If you choose A, it would be A.