One night police raided Zouk Kuala Lumpur

zouk kl raid 2015
Image source: Parvind Dman
I was there that night. This happened back in 2005 IIRC. 2nd time I happened to be at a club that was raided. I was with 2 other guys n 2 girls.
Around 1am, another friend that we bumped into there warned us that a raid is going to happen soon at around 130am. He looked really high so we ignored his warning. We continued drinking the Chivas we opened 40 mins earlier.
At 130am sharp, suddenly the music stopped n the bright lights were turned on. Everyone froze. As our eyes adjusted we realized that there was really a raid happening. I turned to my friend and said “fark la. we shud have listened to him”.
A chinese inspector went up the podium to the DJ area and took the microphone. He announced “Ok kita akan buat operasi malam ini. kita dari Balai Polis Dang Wangi.” Kita akan check untuk dadah dan rekod jenayah. Rokok semua buang dan jangan ambik gambar. ambil keluar IC”
We continued smoking and one Polis passed us and shouted “Tak faham bahasa ke ? BUANG ROKOK!” we complied immediately.
We took out ICs out n placed them on the table. Women were ordered to go upstairs. Men remained at the main ground floor area.
Another Polis officer goes around distributing transparent cups with lids. At closer inspection there were small boxes printed on the cup indicating the type of drugs present in the system.
Around this time reporters and camera crews came in. Around 15-20 of them. Taking pictures and filming us. Stress level went up.
In groups of 5 our ICs were gathered n we were den ordered to go to the toilet n pee into the container we were given earlier. When ur name was announced u headed straight for the toilet.
Around this time a name was announced “Mohd Hafiz bin xxxx” the reply of “Saya” came from what looked like a tall slim woman wearing a tight short red dress. Everyone laughed n wolf whistled including the cops. Quite kesian that fele.
My name was called and the 5 of us went to the toilet to pee.
We were guided into individual cubicles and behind us each cubicle had a cop standing on watch outside. Doors open at all time. After I was done I stepped out of the cubicle to wash my hands. I noticed a few guys staring curiously at the last cubicle. I went closer and inside was Mohd Hafiz in his red dress. He was trying to squat and at the same time pleading with the cop to let him close the door. The cop was unsure what to do. one indian guy made eye contact with me and he instantly said “U dun see dat everyday bro”. I nodded in agreement. Din’t see what happened to Mohd Hafiz in the end as we were ordered to return to our tables.
At the table my IC was returned to me n place below the urine test kit. “Tunggu 10 minit untuk result” one cop announced.
I don’t do drugs of any kind so I was not scared.
While I was waiting the media started taking pictures of those unlucky enough to be tested positive or had outstanding arrest warrants/criminal records. They were gathered on the small stage and handcuffed together. I remember seeing around 10 guys there. All looking pathetic and trying their best to hide their faces.
After 10mins it was results time. mine was negative n a cop gave me permission to leave.
I looked at my watch…it was almost 3am. But at the exit there was another surprise. There was a cop posted there with a torch light. Scanning every test kit one last time just to make sure. Again mine was negative n he told me to throw it in a big bin bag next to the entrance.
By the time the girls were done it was around 4am. We went mamak and discussed our experiences.

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