Lee Thiam Wah: The King of Malaysian mini-marts

lee thiam wah-compressed
1. Lee Thiam Wah is the owner of 99 Speedmart
99 Speedmart is a rapidly growing chain of refreshing ‘new and improved’ mini-markets that meets consumers’ needs for groceries, offering unsurpassed value and absolute convenience!
2. When he was a baby, Lee was struck with polio and lost the use of both his legs

wheel chair-compressed

That’s right! He is on a wheel chair.
3. His father was a construction worker and his mother used to be a hawker. They both worked day and night to fend for 11 children
4. Lee Thiam Wah can only afford to complete 6 years of primary school
5. However, that did not stop Lee from gaining more knowledge. He constantly borrowed books from his friends and neighbours to read and at the same time, he was selling snacks in a roadside stall
6. He saved about RM17,000 from selling snacks by the roadside stall and he used the savings to open up a grocery shop when he was 23


7. In 1992, Lee sold the grocery business for about RM300,000 and with that money he opened up his first mini-mart

speedmart 99

8. In 1999, he changed the name of the store to 99 Speedmart
9. And now Lee Thiam Wah owns 175  99 Speedmart stores around Klang Valley that generates about RM500 million annually 

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