It’s a Malaysian Chinese Thing

malaysian chinese

1. If we can’t speak Chinese we are known as ‘banana’

2. We are also known as “fan tong” as we can’t live without rice

3. Most of the Chinese parents are open to their sons/daughters when it comes to girlfriends/boyfriends..However, they do some serious interrogation about our partners-FBI style

not asian enough

4. Speaking about parents, they don’t care about what we are going to be when we grow long as we have a degree cert, its all good for them

5. And they always compare us with some other student/relative when it comes to exam results or achievements

6. We always get the evil stare from the parents when we head back home late

evil stare

7. Save money lah, save money lah, save money lah…this is the only advice they never stop giving us

8. Speaking about saving money……Gucci, LV, Prada, Burberry.. HELL YEAH!! WE BUY THEM ALL!!

9. Anyone can easily spot us when we are high on alcohol

asian red face

10. But in the end, we are proud that many Malaysians are trying to learn to say YES our way

ya kah

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