Identify if your men is worth marrying and spending your whole life with.


So ladies, how do you identify if your current / future boyfriend is worth keeping?

Here are some tips:


1. Does he have a direction in his life?


When you are marrying someone, your life is basically tied to theirs. Make sure he doesn’t lead the family to disaster. The most important thing is for him to have a goal in life. And it must be realistic too.


2. How does he handle stress?


If your man doesn’t handle stress very well, then it’s probably good to let him go and ask him to grow up. Along the journey of a married couple there will come a time of great stress, if he can’t handle it well, he might hurt someone or just leave you alone. Better leave him now.


3. How supportive is he? Optimist or pessimist?


You should be with a man who supports you and not put you down. It will only make your life miserable. A pessimist person will make everyone around him sad. That can’t be good.


4. Does he have respect?


A man should always respect his woman.! Nothing more to add on.


5. Does he have any addiction?


Make sure he is addicted to you, not drugs or any other harmful activities! It will only ruin both of your life. Examples; alcoholic, drugs, gambling.


Have a happy life everyone!

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