I received a call this noon on my shop line from a scammer

scammer callls
I received a call this noon on my shop line from someone claiming that’s he is an Inspector Bla Bla Bla (couldn’t rmb his name)..calling from balai polis at KL and asking to speak to parents regarding my sister. He mentioned my sis full name and hometown address..(she works in KL and we based in ktn btw). I told the fella that I am her younger brother and lied that my parents aren’t around and ask what it is about. I was getting quite worry thinking that she involved in an accident or smtg. (Ntg good ever came from receiving a call from the police)
The so called inspector said that during an operasi at KL this morning..They stopped a vehicle with 4 person inside and found some heroin in it and 1 of the passenger is my sis.
My sister. Monday morning. Heroin. Haha -.-
Me being abit worry and ask my mum to call my sis immediately..Anyway the inspector said my sis wanted to speak to me and ask me what language that we use to communicate. I said “bahasa cina” . The guy went on to remind me that the conversation in bahasa cina will be recorded for evidence purposes before he passed the phone to my sis…I even heard some name calling in the background noise asking someone to bring the “female” to speak to her family member.
Me: hello..
Sis: *female voice sobbing uncontrollably*
Me: Jie??!
Sis: kuai dien jiu wo ah..wuwuwuwu~
Me: *WTF*. Ni shi sui?!
Sis: … *awkard silence*
I think the inspector grabbed the phone from my “sis” and try to keep the conversation flow.
Insp: Ini kakak you kan?
Me: Bukan..I tak kenal dia.
Insp: Ini kakak you la.. ho pei Meng bukan kakak you ke..alamat 151 nih..
Me: ya ho pei Meng nih memang kakak saya tapi dia x erti cakap bahsa mandarin. So org tadi tuh bukan kakak saya.. “in a dead pan voice”
Insp: Errrr… *tut tut tut tut*
At the same time my mum managed to call my sis and she’s at her office. Imagine if my mum couldn’t call her and the “inspector” said smtg else like she kena kidnap. To my friends who based at outstation and the parents at hometown..stay alert to this kinda scam and don’t do drugs on Monday morning.
Written By – Hsien Loong

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