How you can evolve your Pokemon into a 1000++ CP Pokemon

A guide to all Malaysians on how you can evolve your Pokemon into a 1000++ CP Pokemon

Pokemon Calculor

When you see a gym nearby your area and you notice there are so many people who has pokemon over 1000 CP (combat points), you will be thinking are they actually cheating? 

Actually yes, they are actually cheating them sons of con jobs. The Pokemon Go App has just been in Malaysia for a week and you can actually see people playing 1000++ or even 2000++ CP Pokemon.

But not to worry guys and girls, you can follow this guide to get over 1000 CP Pokemon in no time and go thrash those cheating sons of whores. So what is this method you say?

The table below shows that if you want your Pokemon to evolve into a 1000 CP, you must meet the minimum CP shown in the table. (combat points maybe vary a little)

table of pokemon

So basically, if you have a Pikachu that’s at least 430 CP, it should evolve into a Raichu that’s over 1,000 CP.

For example, I want a 1000+ CP  Hypno, I need to at least have a 500++ CP Drowzee to evolve  (This method is not 100% accurate, but many people already prove that is true)



Here’s what the calculator said our 630 CP Drowzee would evolve into. (results may vary a little)

Poke Calculator

The website predicted Drowzee’s evolved form (Hypno) would be between 1310 and 1316 CP. To check this website click here.

Pro Tip: Powerup & Evolve

So you’ve got a sweet stack of 20 Weedles and wanna step your game up? Let’s do it!

First, pick the Weedle (or whatever PokeMon, we’re just using this as an example) with the highest CP. This will be the one you level up. Next, trade off all the other Weedles you have. Each trade off (like releasing a PokeMon) will award one candy of that type. Power up your main Weedle until you have the amount of candy required for evolution remaining. You’ll see the “arc” shape at the top of that PokeMon’s profile fill up as you do so. Once it’s at the desired CP, hit the evolve button and enjoy!

Evolving PokeMon will grant you experience! Use this to your advantage. If you have a ton of Zubats sitting around, transfer a bunch and then evolve the ones remaining for a nice boost.

It seems that each evolution has a different “maximum” CP, based on that PokeMon, its evolutionary stage and your trainer level. When you evolve, this ceiling rises, but the bar stays in the same place.

For example, let’s say your Weedle’s current maximum CP is 100 and its CP is at 50 right now. This means the arc bar is 50% full. You now evolve it to Kakuna, which has a maximum of 1000. Because the bar was half full before, it now jumps up to 500CP (50% of 1000).

There may be other nuances to this, but that’s our impression of the system so far. We currently have many PokeMon between 500-1000CP, and this theory has applied to all of them. If we’re wrong or you can add clarity, please let us know!


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