How to be a Successful Politician in Malaysia

how to be a successful politician in malaysia
1. Graduate from any high school in Malaysia
2. Head over to UMNO, MIC, MCA, PAS, DAP or whatsoever to get yourself signed up (That’s right! You don’t need a college/university degree)
3. Start following around famous politicians in your political party
updated anwar ibrahim
4. Learn their traits and start making a team of followers for yourself and head over to places like hospitals and old folks home to basically “advertise your kind heart”
lim guan eng
5. Start taking bribes
6. Repeat Step 3, 4 and 5
7. Start getting to know influential people and ask them to fund for your election
8. If you win the election, be sure to keep those influential people on your side by doing their biding (taking bribes and giving government business contracts). This will make you remain in your throne for a long long time
najib laughing
9. Continue with all the steps mentioned above until you are satisfied with your position in the particular political party
10. Retire and party at the Bahamas

party at bahamas

This post above is intended for immature audiences only. It is NOT intended for educational purposes, merely to stimulate FUN. 🙂

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