How to be a Mat Rempit

mat rempit-compressed

1. You must have less than RM5 in your wallet

2. Wear jeans, t-shirt and Japanese slippers (Selipar Jepun)

3. Instead of using an umbrella when its raining, wear helmet 

4. Speaking of helmet, it’s optional when riding a bike


5. You must think that your bike is the most powerful bike in the world

6. Learn how to maintain a cup of teh tarik for a minimum 4 hours before you order another one

7. You must not know how to interpret traffic signs 

8. You must not understand the traffic light colours and the meaning of it

9. Don’t use your turn signal indicator 

10. Think that you are smart

pandai mat rempit-compressed

11. You don’t sit, you squat

12. Share a pack of cigarette and a can of Coke with 10 of your friends

13. Go to cybercafe with your friends and watch porn together-gether 

14. “Die Another Day” should be the soundtrack of your life 

15. And the motto of your life should be ‘MATI TAKPE JANJI GAYA MESTI ADA’

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