Headmaster of Seri Pristana apologizes to the parents of the students involved.



10/9/2013 – After two months of the controversial incident, where the non-muslim students in SK seri Pristana have to take their meal in a changing room, the headmaster has issue an apology to the parents. There has been many complains reported after the incident.

Mohd Nasir Mohd Noor, is the person responsible in instructing the non-muslim students of SK Seri Pristana to have their meal in a dressing room during the fasting month. Mohd Nasir Mohd Noor has officially apologize in the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) meeting. The director of the Selangor board of education, Mahmud Karim also attended the meeting.

Mohd Nasir Mohd Noor has given a suggestion to allow Mahmud Karim to be in the school to supervise for about a month. 

The mother of a student who was involve, Guneswari Kelly has uploaded pictures of the non-muslim students eating in the dressing room during recess period. It is reported that, 18 police report has been made towards the school and the headmaster. 

Mohd Nasir has apologize over the incident and also for letting the students to be interrogated by the police without the consent of the parents, and also the bullying and intimidation on the students after the controversial incident. Mohd Nasir has also ask the parents not to change school. It is reported that, one parents has decided not to change school after the apology from the headmaster.

The headmaster has promise it would not happen again. 

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