Dear SmartTAG Users

smart tag users klang valley

I’m using SmartTAG and I think some smart-tag users should just switch to using Touch ‘n Go or cash payment when going through toll.

This is because they cannot use a SmartTAG properly and causes annoyance to other smart-tag users. They always commit these errors:

  • Drive faster than 20km/h when passing through smart-tag lane.
  • Did not prepare the SmartTAG device BEFORE reaching the toll.
  • Tailing the car in front less than 5m.
  • Face the wrong side when using the device.
  • Waiting for barrier to come down before passing. (you don’t need to!)
  • Device low battery but still keep using and not replacing battery.
  • Forget to TOP UP!!!
  • Those that waits for the barrier to come down before moving forward. JUST GO ONLY LAH!

Because of all the points listed above, sometimes during heavy traffic, SmartTAG lane is slower than Touch ‘n Go lane! These users always cause the machine to prompt error because of their own mistakes, and is irritating for the rest of us.

If you’re not so smart, please don’t use SmartTAG. You drive expensive car also won’t make you smarter because you cannot learn to use things properly.

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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