Dear Maggi Goreng

maggi goreng dear
1. Since we Malaysians became a teenager, we are introduced to you

maggi goreng best

2. And till today, we never regret knowing your existence 
3. Some of us love you without veggie and some of us do

maggi goreng sayur

4. But whats important is the fact that we must have you with ‘telur mata’..Both of you and ‘telur mata’ are like husband and wife that should be together forever

maggi goreng telur mata

5. Whenever we try making you at home, we fail so badly..Only the anne/your god in the mamak stall knows what is the best for you


6. However, since you are more expensive compared to petrol, we can only see you once a week 🙁
7. We think about you all the time..Even when we are drunk after a fun night out (clubbing), we still come to see you (It’s like you are our dirty little secret)

we love maggi goreng

8. Although we cheat on you with other maggi goreng from other stalls, you seem to be cool about it..Oh maggi goreng, how we wish we could marry you
9. The fact that you are customize-able also makes us fall in love with you all over again 

maggi goreng ayam

  • Maggi goreng seafood
  • Maggi goreng pattaya
  • Maggi sup
  • Maggi goreng tambah pedas 
  • Maggi goreng tak mau pedas
  • Maggi goreng tambah sayur
  • Maggi goreng tak mau sayur
  • Maggi goreng ayam
We name it and you arrive in front of us just as we picture you in our mind

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