College girl raped and blackmailed by Malaysian cop

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A private college student from Kota Damansara was recently raped and blackmailed by a police officer who is attached to the Kota Damansara mobile patrol vehicle (MPV) unit. 
According to The Malay Mail Online, the college girl was having sex with her boyfriend in his car and they were caught red handed by two police officers. One of the police officers took full advantage of the situation.
The Story
The incident took place last Monday, when the victim went out for a date with her boyfriend who is in his 20s. After the date, the student’s boyfriend parked his car at a secluded area in Section 10, Kota Damansara and they started having sex.
Unfortunately for them, two police officers approached them (they were still naked in the car) and told the couple that they would be arrested and taken to Kota Damansara police station for behaving inappropriately in a public place.
The couple panicked and begged the police officers to let them off with a warning. However, one of the officers handcuffed the girl and took her into the MPV while his accomplice took the boyfriend in his car.
According to The Malay Mail Online, as they drove towards the police station, the college girl continued begging to be let off the hook. The two police officers than demanded RM2,000 from the victim and when she agreed to pay them, one of the police officers asked her to have sex with him.
The victim stood her ground and told the officers that she would not do it. Both policemen then pulled over right before the police station and allowed the couple to go BUT they took their phone numbers and other personal details before letting them go.
An hour later, the college girl received a call from one of the officers who demanded for sex while she was at her hostel in Kota Damansara. The officer then turned up at her hostel and forced her to get into his car. He then drove towards Sunway Giza Mall and parked his car at a secluded area.
He blackmailed the student and told her to perform oral sex on him or he would inform her parents of what she did earlier and also threatened to take her to the police station. The student had no choice and while she was performing the act, the policeman panicked over whether someone would spot them and brought her to one of the men’s toilet in Sunway Giza Mall. He raped her in the toilet.
On top of that, the police officer also forced her to withdraw RM500 from an ATM machine inside the mall. The victim then thought it was all over, however, the officer kept on calling her over the following few days demanding her to have sex with him.
The college girl then lodged a police report on Saturday (31st January 2015). Both police officers were arrested yesterday morning and they are expected to be remanded today.

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