Chinese tourist spotted taking a dump outside a Burberry store

chinese tourist burberry store

In Oxford, United Kingdom, a kid from China being cradled by his grandmother has caused quite a stir after being photographed taking a dump on the street outside of Burberry. 

According to Apple Daily, the incident took place at Bicester Village, an outlet shopping center in Oxfordshire which is extremely popular with Chinese tourist. This shopping center is also included on the itinerary of most tours organized for mainland visitors to the United Kingdom.

After one shopper snapped the photo and posted it on twitter, Brits reacted with a mix of disgust and confusion – public toilets are only a few meters away and free of charge. Burberry is number 76 on the following map.


Based on sources, this is not the first time that public defecation has caused controversy abroad. Back in 2013, a tourist from the mainland drew the ire of the Taiwanese after allowing her child to take a dump in the middle of an airport in Taiwan.

taiwan airport

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