Chinese new year taboos, or “Pantang Larang” which you should know.


Happy Chinese New Year to everyone celebrating this auspicious celebration.

Listed below is some basic taboos which we should avoid doing during Chinese New Year. Or in a more local term, the ‘Pantang Larang’ of Chinese New Year.


1. “Cannot Sweep the floor or throw away rubbish”

Chinese New Year broom

Usually it start from the first day of Chinese new year to the Fifth day of new year. It is said if you do these actions, you are sweeping or throwing away your luck. 


2. “Do not hit or fight among family members”.


It is said that, this will bring your family trouble throughout the year. Remain calm.


3. “Do not eat porridge”.


Well, porridge is said to be poor people’s food. This will bring you less prosperity. Somehow in this era, porridge is so expensive!


4. “Do not kill any living things”.


This is said to bring you tragedy throughout the year. So please be merciful.


5. “Do not borrow money, do not owe people and do not collect debts”.


This is said to bring you bad luck in your financial status.


6. “Do not sleep in the afternoon”.


For men, it is said that you would not bring in benefits to the home and for the women it is said the kitchen will fail, there will be no work done.


7. “Do not break stuff”.


Your luck will break too. However, if broken, do wrap the broken pieces and place it under the altar. Throw it away in the fifth day.


8. “Do not  wear black”.


It is said to invite bad luck.


9. “Do not Swear”.


Again it is said to invite negative energy to your home.


10. “Do not wash clothes.”


This will ‘wash’ away your good luck.


Anyway, here are the 10 basic taboos. It is usually enforce on the first day of Chinese New Year.

Any of you follow these strictly? Or haven’t even heard of it before? 

Have any more cheesy taboos/”pantang larang”? Post it in the comment section!.


Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Stay close with your family members! =D

I know its a bit late!! Don’t scold me! haha!. Have fun

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