Boyfriend orders 16 year old girlfriend not to bathe and wear make-up


A 21 year old boyfriend has ordered his 16 year old girlfriend not to bathe for days so that other men would not be interested in her.

She is also not allowed to wear lipstick and other make-up while in presence of others.

If she went against his orders, she would be beaten up by her 21-year-old unemployed boyfriend.

“Since going out with him for a year, he had beaten me three times,” said the victim, who only wanted to be identified as Ani.

Ani stayed with him out of love and because he promised to change. 

But things never last, when he slapped and punched her face for attending a birthday party of a boy from her high school. 

The 21 year old boyfriend confronted her outside her home at Pekan Jabi when she got home at night. 

“I was afraid he would hurt me again, so I ran into the house and told my mother,” she Ani.

She has lodged a police report about the incident and investigations are under way. 

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