Assam Rape Festival is Fake. Website Article on ”Assam Rape Festival has sparked protest in the state


A website article on an alleged ”Assam Rape Festival” had sparked widespread protests in the state for denigrating its image. 

“The Assam Rape Festival is not humorous. It is distasteful, unethical, abominable, despicable and must be abhorred by all sections of society,” Bharat Narah, press adviser to Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi, tweeted.

“The fraudulent and extremely unethical article about the completely fictitious festival is an act of serious disrespect and total disregard shown towards the humble and unsuspecting people of our beautiful state of Assam”, said in a statement by Barnali Saikia Bora, Officer on Special Duty. 

“The details in the article are gruesome to the point of being demonic and the writer of such a piece of pure evil is not fit for human society,” the statement said.

The fake article is from National Report, a satirical news site. This fake article has gone viral and the residents in northern Indian’s state aren’t happy about it.


In the past, The National Report has caused confusion among readers because it doesn’t clearly state that it’s satire (a way of using humor to show that someone or something is foolish, weak, bad, etc. : humor that shows the weaknesses or bad qualities of a person, government, society, etc.)  , and it doesn’t have the name-recognition of The Onion, considered the most prominent satire news publication.

For example, a number of conspiracy-related websites have reported on and even republished a National Report satire about RFID chips being implanted in people as a result of an obscure Obamacare clause.

The site also used to have a disclaimer on its website saying that it is a satire.

Other local reports says that legal action needs to be taken against this website over this matter. 

A screenshot of the article:


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