Aromatherapy. Things we can get easily which will help us to reduce stress, enhance memory and so on.

Woman Receiving Massage

Anyone went to aromatherapy before? Studies has shown that it does help us spiritually and mentally. Certain scent brings different benefits.

Here is a list of some items we can easily get which can be use for aromatherapy treatment in our daily lives.


1. Sandalwood.


Traditionally sandalwood is used as a natural antiseptic to treat certain sickness, such as stomach aches. However the scent of the sandalwood also have a role. It helps to calm our mind, suppress stress, and soothes our nervous system. Furthermore it also lifts our mood.


2. Basil.


A study has been done and is said the scent from a basil will stimulate our brain’s prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for our short-term memory.


3. Lemon.


The smell of a lemon is refreshing and uplifting. It makes the perfect scent on a lazy afternoon.


4. Anise.


The scent from Anise is especially beneficial for men. It is said the aroma of the anise will help to prolong an erection by promoting blood flow to the male genitalia. 


5. Apple.


Scent of apple have the ability to enhance your brain capability and also increase your alertness to your surrounding. 

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