Almost got rob and I jackie chan myself away

jackie chan away
2nd of June(between 4-5am).
And so after some drinks in Hartamas I got to drop a friend back to Subang. He called his gf and his gf is gonna pick him up in ss15 near First Subang. So before his gf arrive he ask me to drop him at the 7/11 nearby to buy ciggy. So I did.
But at the same time I have spotted a red/maroon vios with 4 dodgy looking Indian in it. Immediate on my mind I know this pariah is up to something funny. Either they gonna hit the 7/11 or the cafe Donuttes. So I stop in front of 7/11. My car front is facing the shop. Drop my friend to buy his ciggy and I remain in my car with my engine start. There another 2 patron inside when I reach. One came with a hilux and another is motorbike.
And so at the same time. I saw the red vios stop behind me across the road. Immediately I knew this fckers is going to hit the 7/11. But there’s a fair few ppl there so they were hesitating in the car. The hilux driver and the biker patron done with their shopping and walk out and left. My friend came out.
He stood in front of the shop and lit a ciggy, smoke and talk on the phone.
I opened the door and with one foot still in the car I call out to my friend
” oi, get in the car. That car behind is up to some funny business. They want to chou sai kai(do robbery)”
My friend being the think he taikor attitude replied me
” nothing one la, this is subang ”
And I say back to him.
” what the Fck you gonna do if there’s 3 parang “(with stern face) He obliged and say ok ok I sit in the car while wait for my gf to come.
Before I go back into my car I turn around. Eye balling and stare at the red vios and the ppl inside. Cleary giving the signal. I see you muffakers and I know what you all are up too.
I do that cos most criminals will be scared to take further action when you show them cleary you has spotted them. So I got back in my car and my friend hop in. He is still smoking his ciggy chillaxing while me all the way looking at my back mirror. Cos he’s smoking and waiting for his gf I have to roll down the window. Both passenger and driver side. And so I’m just telling him the car behind is gonna hit the 7/11 or so. We better get out of here.
Just about to finish the sentence his phone rang. The gf called. My champion friend answer the phone, open the car door and walk away to talk. Best la. At immediate the car behind 3 Indian came down from the car all 3 with long ass parang. Immediate in my mind, this is happening already. At instant I lock all my car doors. Yes with that champion still outside and he walked a fair few steps away from my car talking on the phone with his back facing me walking away.
Right after I lock the car door and the robber is right next to me. I roll up my window! While my window is rolling up he try to open my door but it’s lock. The robber stuff the parang into my car with his left hand and the parang is on my neck. While at the same time he put in his right hand try to pull my keys. At that point I had one hand holding on to the not sharp part of his parang and the other hand put my car into reverse gear.
That moment both of his hand is in the car and blessed I’ve manage to put my gear into reverse while waiting for the reverse gear to kick in(it takes a second or so) the robber try to pulls my keys from the ignition. BMW being BMW if are in Drive or Reverse the key cant be taken out. The gear kick in. I am able to reverse now. While my window is still rolling up I reversed my car at a high aggressively.
Cos I suddenly reverse my car my champion friend turn around looking back stun and wondering why am I suddenly reversing my car. (He’s still on the phone).
So while I reverse the robber pulled out both of his hand and from photo you can see the not so sharp parang scratches my neck(luckily it’s not sharp).
And so the robber pulled his hands out but half of the parang is still in my car. Window rolled up and kepit(sandwich) the parang. The robber try to push the parang from upwards acting like a crow bar to break my window. Being my car the window is double layer with 12mil security film he can break shit and pull his parang out cos I already got into drive and full throttle forward. That chip Abit of my passenger window.
So back to my friend. He is still super blur of what’s actually happening. I move forward bout 10-20feet. My friend blurry walk to my passenger door(passenger window still down) I shouted with all I can.
“Bro! Run! Bro, run! Run now!”
I actually expect him to just sprint away and I will follow him with car till a secure place to let him in but he stone and looked at me with the blurriest face while his is still on the phone with the gf that what is happening. Then he turn around he saw the few Indian robbers start to give chase after us he kind da get he picture of what’s happening but still stunned.
At that point I am very reluctant to open my car door as that will put me into a chance that the robber will chase up, open my car door, hurt and rob me. So I turn around and saw those robbers are bout couple of steps away. I end up with with unlocking the car rolling very slowly shouting my lungs out
” GET IN THE CAR! GET IN THE CAR! ” in Cantonese which is
The robber threw their parang to my car hitting the back of my car but did no damage and another threw the parang towards my friend and hit his leg but did no injury as well. While he is still in stunned I’m so glad he follow my car slow moving pace and open the car door and hop in. Passenger car door not even fully close I sped off. Best of all. My friend is still have his one hand on the phone attach to his ear. Champion leh. Right after he got on the car he said this to his gf
” I almost got rob, call you back”
I dunno to be pissed or what at that moment to be honest. Lol.
And so what I want to share here is. Always be vigilant of your surrounding. It can happen to you. I’m so glad that nothing serious happen to me and this blood are from a small cut on my thump which I dunno how I gotten it during the process. It’s just a small cut like a paper cut.  I am blessed. Really bless that both of us got away from this horrifying incident.
I jackie chan away.
Asher Looi

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