After 20 Years, The “Haunted” Highland Tower is Finally Being Sold

haunted highland towers

Since the shocking tragedy (major landslide) on 11th December 1993, Highland Tower will go on sale including the bungalow lots and residential units around the area.

Based on source, AmBank Bhd will be the one handling the tenders involving the sale of bungalow lots and residential units in Highland Towers. However, there are currently no reason stated by the bank official as he claimed that it would be contravention of the Banking and Financial Institution Act 1989.

Either way, interested parties on this property can now purchase the information memorandum from the bank at RM200 for each copy. The deadline for the bids/offers is by 12PM  on the 17th of December 2013.

What’s the price?

The person who is interested in purchasing this property should be the one who would need to evaluate the land and also hire a lawyer to carry out the necessary due diligence. There are total of 50 freehold vacant bungalow lots surrounded the land of Highland Towers measuring an estimated 60,000 sq m.

The story behind Highland Tower

This 11th of December 2013 is actually the 20th anniversary since the major landslide that claimed a total of 48 lives. The tragedy saw the whole Block 1 of the towers collapsing.

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