A new technique being used in Cyberjaya to steal your car


To those working / staying / studying at Cyberjaya, pay serious attention to this.

Earlier today I was in my car at the main entrance of D Pulze Shopping Center. Outta nowhere this Proton Saga FLX appeared on my right that sorta blocked my way out.

There were 5 Indian guys in the car. They rolled down their windows and ask me to do the same. The driver of that car showed his so call “identity card” representing some Bank organization.

This man then tells me they are here to take my car because I have outstanding payment with the bank since August 2015.

I told this guy that is not the case as my payment is always up-to-date. (I might have raised my voice a little)

This guy then told me that he don’t appreciate my tone as he is being nice. In which I told this guy to let’s head to the police station to resolve this.

I knew something fishy was going on here. This guy probably thought I was kidding. I drove to the police station and I was trying at all cost to never stop anywhere.

At the traffic light near the HASIL building, this guy drove his car on my left, rolled down his window and asked me again if I’m heading to the police station again.

I told him that I am heading there and after that this M*therF*cker told me to carry on and he’ll meet me there.

Well, not really surprised turn of event but he ran-off. I lodged a report, and as it turns out his car number was fake.

Nonetheless if you see this vehicle, be extra careful.

Model : Proton Saga FLX , Gold color.
Number : BNR 8505

*as stated, the number plate used on the car is fake and belongs to some other model.

I’m sharing this to warn people out there to be extra careful especially after my conversation with the local police station that told me that crime rate at Cyberjaya in on a serious rise.

Hemant Shergill

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