A Lorry driver lodged a police report against snatch thieves who are also policemen

snatch thieves are police

Just recently a lorry driver caught two snatch thieves red handed in Petaling Jaya district trying to snatch a gold necklace from an Indonesian worker. saravanans car and police snatch thieves

According to B.Saravanan, 27, he noticed both the snatches at Taman Mayang Jaya while on the way heading to a restaurant for lunch. Thanks for a quick response by himself, the attempt to snatch the chain from the foreign worker failed as he rammed his car towards the Yamaha LC which the thieves were riding on.

However, the thieves then threatened him with a knife and by throwing stones on his car and they manage to get away with Saravanan’s gold chain in the end. After few minutes, he called up the police to lodge a report against those two criminals.

At about 1PM, Corporal Zamrus (Police officer in Kelana Jaya Police Station), called Saravanan to head over to the police station to identify the suspects as they were caught. He manage to identify both of them clearly and it was shocking for him as Zamrus “clarified” that both of the thieves are police officers.

On the other side, Saravanan also claimed that the investigation officer at that period known as Inspector Hasbullah, tried to talk him out from lodging a police report. Knowing that all four of the police including the thieves are close friends, he decided to lodge a police report in the PJ police headquarters instead. 

According to sources, PJ district Police Chief, Arjunaidi Mohamed, is refusing to comment on this case when contacted and kept on insisting the reporters to check with the Selangor police headquarters instead.

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