8 Simple Ways to Make Money While Studying

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Parents giving us money during school time, RM3 to RM5 a day, well, not anymore when you’re a college or university student. PTPTN is there to help you, or any sort of loan, but trust me, they are never enough. So what can you do part time in college or university to save up some cash for yourself? Here are eight simple ways to make money while studying.

So here we go:

1. Student cab Service

uber and grabcar in malysisa

Prerequisite: A car

Think about it, not many students are fortunate as you and owns a car, therefore why not make a business out of it. At most parts of Malaysia, the public transport (bus) is ineffective and private transports (taxi) will cut throat like nobody’s business, so doesn’t this sound like an opportunity to you? Lower your charges, be more efficient and friendly, that’s the key to the business. Don’t worry about someone already doing it or competition, there are always competition. And be smart, if you can’t beat them, join them. And hey, don’t forget Grab Car and Uber too!

2. Bakery in the room

Okay, chill out, I am not asking you to open a bakery in the room. But for those of you at the hostel, you must’ve experienced the crazy hunger pang in the middle of the night and you have no food left. Now, a microwave is not that expensive. Neither is some bread and some breadspread. There, idea. Simple food, but due to hunger, anything and everything becomes delicious. And why would people want to buy from you, you might ask? Well let’s see, some people are not that keen on walking a distance, some are bored of their room food and some just want something new for supper. Makes sense?  As an additional idea, microwave can even cook burger meat. Now I’ve said too much..

3. Room tidying for lecturers

Ever walked into a lecturer’s room and worry for the safety of your life due to the stacks and stacks of books in their room? Yeah, trust me, they want a clean room too, just that they do not have the time to tidy it up. What they do have is resources (money) but unfortunately, no one has this kind of offer, to clean up a lecturer’s room. So… is the story good enough yet? Be resourceful, be smart and you can build your business around this simple act of tidying up.

4. Printing and scanning

Well, I am not asking you to own all these machines, but hey, guess what, the three in one printer that comes with all these features helps you to make money as well. Not everyone owns a printer in their hostel room and if you have one, then start up your printing service by printing their assignments, or notes, or what they need. Trust me, some of them will be so desperate to print out their assignments during the midnight hour or some are even lazy to go to the printing shop located outside their colleges or universities. And so, here comes your chance to earn some bucks!

5. Sell up your creativity


Chill out people! Selling your creativity here means doing something out of your creativity and selling them. For example, you can create hand-made greeting cards and sell them during Valentine day, or even Graduation day for your seniors and friends. People just tend to appreciate these kind of hand-made things and there is some sentimental touch in your creativity.. Use your creativity to earn some bucks!

6. Editing and Proofreading Service

You have a good command of language? Grammar and good sentence structures are at your finger tips? Then this would be a good chance for you to earn some bucks. Offer and promote that you are doing editing service for resume, assignments and thesis because many students out there always have problems for grammar errors. You can offer to do it for the language you are keen on. Perhaps one buck per page and just imagine how many pages are there for a thesis or assignment. This can be a great part time job for you if you enjoy doing it.

7. Henna / Mehendi Service

You have talent in drawing henna? Lots of people love decorating their hands during events or any functions. Some of them would even like a temporary tattoo on their hands or legs and this would be a good opportunity for you to earn some bucks. Promote your service through social network in your campus and open up booth when there are events in your college/campus. People will definitely visit your booth and you may start drawing henna on your new customers hand.

8. Nail Polish ~ Manicure

nail polish

Girls and nail polish can never be separated. If you are an expertise in this field, why not give out a try and offer this service for a cheaper price compared to those manicure outlets. Promote the service and designs you offer especially during some upcoming events or functions in your campus or college and those girls will start lining up to get your service. This will help you to earn a little bit for your daily needs perhaps. It is not easy to start up something at the initial stage, but it will definitely pay a good price at the end of the day.

So people, sit back, relax and think what you can do to make some money out there while studying. Life is all about exploring new stuff and learning new things.