8 facts of living in a university/college hostel

college hostel malaysia

1. DIY – Everything is a “Do IT Yourself” case

washing clothes college students malaysia
Image Source: theguardian.com

Getting and preparing your own food, washing your clothes, cleaning the floor, and the lists keep going on. Mummy and daddy are not there to pamper you anymore.

2. Sharing is caring 

sharing is caring

Living in a hostel is not like living in a luxurious condominium. You have to share your simple room with another person you never knew! He or she could be any race, a totally different background, could be a person who totally opposes all your opinions, yet, you still have to live with them!

3. Who knew your laptop will be your best friend

i love laptop

Every single day, you will be doing stuffs with your laptop. From scrolling your Facebook page, listening songs, watching dramas and serials, downloading movies, and everything..Just everything! Trust me, a day without your laptop, you will feel hopeless.

4. We depend on maggi most of the times

instant noodles-compressed

Now this happens when you are super duper lazy to get out from your room, or if it’s raining outside and you don’t have a transport, or when you are financially troubled! Yup, maggi is all you depend on at this moment.

5. The fire drill trauma

Image Source: mmu.edu.my
Image Source: mmu.edu.my

Now living in a hostel is not like living at home. All of a sudden, you will hear a loud bell ringing non-stop at 1am and you have to rush outside your room and join the fire drill activity. Nope, no escaping, because these hostel wardens will catch you for sure.

6. The bathrooms

Image Source: flickr.com
Image Source: flickr.com

You have to wait or even line up to bath because these are not your house bathrooms. You have to share it with others. And of course, do not ever expect for a sparkles bathroom! Not even in your dreams!

7. The fun time

fun in hostel malaysia

A bunch of friends in your room at the middle of the night playing cards, gossiping every single thing on earth or even watching a movie. Now that’s the moment you would want to cherish once you are out from your hostel.

8. Lastly, you will realise that even though staying in a hostel is not as comfortable as your own bedroom, you will eventually start calling the place home

Written by Shumie Mie

Enjoys meeting new people and exploring new things in life.