7 Things The Samsung Mobile Galaxy S7 Can Do That The iPhone Can’t.

Image Source: www.droid-life.com

1. Water Resistance


The Galaxy S7 can last up to 30 minutes underwater. You don’t even need to protect the openings like the headphone jack.

2. The screen is ALWAYS ON


You don’t have to power on the screen to see the time, calender, or your notifications. When the phone is locked, the amoled screen will remain in low-power always on mode. Samsung says this will minimally affect your battery

3. Wireless charging 


Just place your phone on the Samsung base station for a quick charge. Samsung says that it’s even faster than traditional charging

4. Samsung Pay


Unlike Apple Pay, it works with existing payment tech so stores don’t need special hardware. That’s because it uses the same magnetic code as your credit card.

Apple Pay uses NFC Technology and requires stores to upgrade their older payment terminals. Which means it doesn’t work on many stores

5. Quick Focus

the-samsung-galaxy-s7-camera-has-an-amazing-focusing-feature-compressed (1)

The Galaxy S7 now focuses almost instantaneously when compared to Apple’s Iphone. When quickly changing focus from a close object to one that’s far away. The Galaxy S7 snaps right into focus without long calibration times.

Where else on the iPhone 6S, it takes a longer time to calibrate

6. Shooting in low light


The Galaxy S7 takes even better photos in low light. Its lens can open to a 1.7 F-stop – the lowest for a smart phone. Basically lower F-stops perform better in low light. The iPhone 6S’s is at 2.2 F-Stop

7. Expandable Storage 


The Galaxy S7 can now upgrade its storage unlike the previous GS6 Models. With a simple pin push you can add a micro SD card up to 200GB

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