5 Things Only Penangite Living in Kuala Lumpur Will Understand

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1. Penang’s food is always better

I’m telling ya, don’t mess with a Penangite, when it comes to food. We are so privileged that we feel any hawker stall in Penang can make a plate of flavourful noodles, rice or any street snacks like kuih kodok. Hence our taste buds are wired to taste delicious food and we are so ever proud about this and it will never change. It is not baseless when we say, “Why no taste?” or “Not spicy also”.

Image Credit: migrationology.com
Image Credit: migrationology.com

So please excuse us when you hear us saying, “This wantan mee no taste one, I tell you any hawker stall you go in Penang, even the bad ones, also better than here lah, Penang’s food is better!”

2. Penang Hokkien Mee/Char Koay Teow” stall outside of Penang is not legit

Image Credit: willtravelforfoodandlove.wordpress.com
Image Credit: willtravelforfoodandlove.wordpress.com

Don’t ever attempt to ask a Penangite “Eh, try lah, not bad this Char Koay Teow” outside of Penang. We find this offensive to our Penang heritage. Everything that has a label “Penang…” outside of Penang is not real! It does not properly encapsulate the authentic taste where the food originates from, get it?

3. KL drivers so Hiong!

Image Credit: paultan.org
Image Credit: paultan.org

“Why KL drivers here so Hiong one, in Penang, I never kena honk-ed also.” I am sorry my fellow KL peeps, while you think Penang drivers are terrible, we think you are too. We feel much safer in Penang and people are more tolerant and understanding on the road, I personally will be shocked by honks, if you could reduce your frequency of honking, that will be much appreciated.

4. Why so expensive? Penang so much cheaper!

Yes, we are a bunch of frugal people, I mean most of us, *I think”, at least I am! Koay teow soup for RM6.00? “Why so expensive, Penang RM3.50 got already”, Herbal tea for RM1.70? “Why so expensive? Penang one only RM1.10”, “Glasses for RM450? “Why so expensive? You know Penang RM200 can make a good specs already”.

why so expensvie

Ahh yes, we sometimes think most things, ranging from food, everyday goods to big items like appliances, car repair etc. in Penang is so much cheaper, especially in comparison to KL. We can’t help but tend to compare prices, because we want to be monetary-efficient.

5. We miss speaking Hokkien! 

Image Credit: foodwandering.com
Image Credit: foodwandering.com

Ask any Penangite whether in other Malaysian states, Australia, UK, the States or any corner of the world, we will tell you we miss speaking Hokkien. It is such an integral part of our culture that even the mamaks, the indians for example in Penang, converse in Hokkien. I remember the nasi lemak uncle outside my house will calculate the goodies I’ve picked and tell me “sa ko be” (meaning RM3.80). The indian florist aunty I bought flowers from in Georgetown also spoke fluent Hokkien to the point that the accent is so real you won’t know she’s indian!

Conclusion is, our Penang pride is unfathomable and our Penang roots are so deeply seeded that we’ll carry our Penang traits everywhere we go.

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