26 Facts About SMK Convent, Kajang

convent kajang

1. Some of us went to the same tadika, primary school and then secondary school. Some even went to the same colleges

convent kajang 2

2. We basically know everyone in school; seniors, juniors, their siblings and family members

3. Some of us had generations in school since our female siblings and mothers all studied here

4. We often get confused with the primary school’s song with the secondary one

5. We had to ship chairs from other classes during Moral or Agama Islam. There was never enough chairs and tables

chairs and tables

6. We took our own sweet time on the way to the field, lab, bilik seni, bilik kayu, bilik jahitan, canteen…(to everywhere actually)

 7. The Indian shop behind our school was often filled with us every morning before school started and it was a savior if we forgot to photocopy stuffs

8. The second floor toilet was rumoured to be haunted but we still used it anyway

9. The cheers during Sport’s Day and Merentas Desa were just awesome!


10. We were prohibited to enter the primary school’s compound but we were always ready to break this rule. We could however do so openly during rainy days

11. We clapped for kelas terkotor louder than for kelas terbersih

12. The perasmian for Teacher’s Day was always heartwarming and meaningful thanks to the prefects

13. There would always be complains about the canteen food

14. The classes’ names were based on permata (intan, berlian, rubi, mutiara, nilam, zamrud) and our school magazine is also named Permata

15. We put all our efforts into perbarisan rumah sukan and mascots every Sport’s Day. Every rumah sukan tried their best to keep their respective mascots as a secret before the morning of Sport’s Day. However, we would find out each others’ mascots before that somehow


16. Speaking of Sport’s Day, the rumah sukan were based on flowers; seroja, nilam, kenanga, mawar

17. And we always prayed for rain before latihan rumah sukan

18. Volleyball, basketball, netball, badminton and galah panjang were all played on the same court

19.  “Kak, tolong pakai riben”, “Kak, tolong cepat sikit” (after recess in canteen), “Tolong beredar”, “Kak, please fold your socks”, “Kak, tolong rendahkan suara” (because “tolong senyap” was disrespectful kononnya”

20. We bought all our stationery from Czip Lee and would go there whenever we had to stay back for co-curriculum or tuitions. And sometimes we just buy things although we have everything we need

21. We loved to use the illegal counselling room way that connected the bilik guru with form 3 block (it saved a lot of time)

22. Pengawas meetings were super stressful

pengawas meeting

23. The whole class would sing song if it’s someones birthday

24. There was also a tanah perkuburan for frogs in front of the labs where we buried all the sacrificed frogs after bio experiment

bio experiment

25. Our ultimate place to hangout was the dataran ilmu

26. And finally, we all still miss our school dearly since we left on the last day of SPM

convent kajang
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