25 Facts About SMK Sri Sentosa, Kuchai Lama

sri sentosa

1. Majority of the students are Chinese

smk sri sentosa kuchai lama students

2. We have 12 classes in every form. The classes’ names were based on numbers. Example: 1A1 – 1A12

3. We are the only sekolah menengah kebangsaan in Kuala Lumpur area with 6 elevators. But sadly only 2 of them are working as all of them broke down easily

4. Afternoon session boys used to wear shorts while morning sessions wear long pants

5. Our koko shirt used to look nice last time but now…..

6. You can find hot chicks in every classes

sri sentosa school girls

7. No one in our school knows what happened to the zap fan uncle. All of us miss the fried sotong sold by the canteen last time (cheap and crispy)

8. Students are afraid of LCM but luckily he transferred to another school. Mr Lok is the real deal now

9. The form 6 students in our school are mostly nerds. Most of the form 6 students are graduates from other schools

10. Futsal and basketball share the same court (At times, you can see futsal players knocking into basketball players)

11. Mostly girls in our school like to stalk form 5 boys except for the form 5 girls

12. The nearest shopping mall to our school is Pearl Point and Mid Valley

pearl point

13. PRS, Exploration, Chinese, Wushu and Interact Club are some of the famous clubs in our school (Leng zais and Leng luis are in the club)

14. Afternoon session students are mostly ‘LALA’. They change when they are in Form 3

15. Most of the hot chicks are from Yellow House. When it comes to Sports Day, almost all the boys will focus on Yellow House

yellow house

16. “The Aluba” is a must-do stuff to the birthday boy in our school. The whole class would sing the “Happy Birthday” song if its someone’s birthday

17. Hijas Bistro is the place for us to lepak after school

18. The merit demerit system basically only affect the afternoon session students. The morning session students don’t give a flying f**k

19. Boys like to shout out and scream for nothing during perhimpunan when one of the Form 5 boy is on the stage

20. Students in our school are damn healthy as we have to walk up and down 10 floors to our classes everyday

21. You tend to see some students who don’t have licenses but still drive to school

22. We wouldn’t be having classes for a month before hari sukan (for morning session students). Lot of them have to practice for cheer leading and marching


23. No students will attend replacement classes on a Saturday

24. Gangsters were mostly kicked out from the school. That’s why our school has been peaceful recently

25. In conclusion, SMK Sri Sentosa is a good place to experience the secondary school life

kuchai lama school lencana

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