23 Junk Food Malaysian Primary School Students in the 90s Used To Buy After School

junk food malaysia-compressed

1. Ice Pop

ice pop malaysia

2. Mi-Mi

mimi snack

3. Roti Ice-Cream

roti ais krim

4. Satay Ikan

satay ikan

5. “Fried Fish Fillet” – (Famous among the Chinese)

fried fish fillet

6. Bika

bika perisa ayam

7. “Pop Corn” Durian Flavor

pop corn perisa durian

8. Toki


9. WhiteRabbit sweet – (The wrapper on the inside can also be eaten)

white rabbit

10. Black & White Bubblegum – (It’s called Black & White, but it taste like grape)

black and white bubble gum

11. Yupi Mini Burger – (The pizza version wasn’t that happening)

yupi mini burger

12. Big Foot


13. Push Pop

push pop candy

14. Fancy Gems

fancy gems

15. Pepsi Blue – (We looked like idiots with blue tongue after drinking this)

pepsi blue

16. Choki Choki

choki choki

17. Eye Glass with Candy

eye glass candy

18. Haw Flakes

haw flakes

19. Ais Krim Potong

ais krim potong

20. Don’t really know what is this called but it’s the best alternative for Sugus back then

sugus stick

21. Apollo’s Layer Cakes – (They always play this advertisement before and after the cartoons we used to watch back then. But mainly Dragon Ball cartoon)

apollo layer cake

22. Hiro Chocolate Cake

hiro choc cake

23. This Asam – (We are not sure what is this called but apparently it’s to cure dizziness and drowsiness)

asam botol malaysia

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