20 Facts About SMK Puteri, Seremban

puteri seremban

1. Basically we know everyone in the school, from juniors, seniors, staffs including the canteen and bookstore aunties

2. There are rumors still going around the school about the Block A ground floor toilet. Apparently, it is haunted. But we still use it anyway because it is the largest toilet in the school and it is convenient

3. Whenever there is any events held in our school, we get very excited because we can invite students from other schools. (*coughs* the only time to meet/hit on guys) – Its an All Girls School

4. Hockey girls are given special treatments


5. Speaking of hockey, we got our own hockey field. In other words, hockey is the most played sports in the school


6. The Chinese restaurant nearby our school is often filled with SMK Puteri students during lunch hour

7. We take our own sweet time walking everywhere EXCEPT recess time

8. Prefects are normally cool with us unless they hate you or when the discipline teacher is around

9. Our classroom is our changing room. We don’t give a damn about the male teachers. (Well, we will scream jokingly if we see any male teachers passing by)

male teacher

10. We scream to one another from different block because we are too lazy to walk. Of course we don’t do this in front of the teachers

11. The school is always noisy in the morning and after recess period

12. We annoy our classmates by pulling their bra straps multiple times

13. When we are changing to our PJK attire, we tend to molest each other

14. We got mirrors all over our school compound yet we still bring our own pocket mirror


15. Our school song is pretty good

16. Bilik Koperasi is where we spend our free time and buying stuffs that we already own – we just love shopping

17. Name of our classes – Sigma, Omega, Theta, Zeta, Delta, Beta, Alpha, Gamma, Epsilon

18. Our classmates are our family. If any of us are harmed, we stand up for them. We fought for each other on normal days like nobodies business. A friend in need is a friend indeed

smk puteri

19. SMK Puteri is the best school in Seremban. Recently we got nominated for Sekolah Kluster Cemerlang

20. Lastly, we missed our dear school dearly since we left on the last day of SPM


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