16 Facts About St. Michael’s Institution Ipoh

st michael

1. St. Michael’s Institution is a well-known public secondary school in Ipoh

2. It was established in 1912 and it has now been operating for more than a hundred years

3. The Ipoh City Council has designated the original building block as a historical landmark in Ipoh

st michael

4. There are two sessions in this school and they are the morning sessions and the afternoon sessions

5. Mr. Louis, Mr. Rajan, Brother Matthew and Mr. Chong are some of the hero of SMI

mr louis and brother matthew

6. A new toilet was built in this school, however, it gets dirty after 30 minutes it was cleaned by the cleaners. Back then, Mr. Louis (our principle) was spotted a few times cleaning the toilet by himself

st michael school toilet

7. Our school was once featured in ‘Misteri Nusantara’ on TV3 (No doubt that the school is haunted)

8. There is also a secret underground tunnel in the school that actually connects all the way to Main Convent, Ipoh (That’s 2KM apart)

Now, lets talk about us students

9. We used to hate those morning spot-checks and assemblies

10. But the fact that we have the Michaelian Military Band to play our national anthem and St. Michael’s official school song makes us proud

michaelian military band

11. And our canteen can also be considered as one of the best among all the public schools in Ipoh. We have at least 10 different stalls that serves different kind of food. From ‘pisang goreng’ to western food!

12. Speaking of canteen, although we only get about 15 – 20 minutes for recess time, we still manage to finish our food and join the short assembly

13. There are students who take advantage of the short recess to ‘ponteng sekolah’. Some of the escape routes are the teacher’s car park, scouts gathering area and the pavilion

14. Since it’s an all boys school, the only ladies we get to check out are the lady teachers and the Form 6 ladies

form six ladies

15. Fridays are the best day of the week for us as we get to end the school session early and head over to Ipoh Parade or anywhere for a short date with our girlfriends (If we have one)

16. Overall, all we can say is that it’s one of the best school to study in and we miss everything about it including the annual school plays

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