15 McDonald’s Items You Can’t Get In Malaysia

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1. BBQ Cheddar Fries, Japan


This fries is drizzled with BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese which is not really unique. But we are pretty sure it taste better than the average McDonald’s fries dipped in chilli sauce here in Malaysia.

2. Panini Mozzarella, South Africa

panini mozzarella

A “smoky chicken roll” toasted to perfection sounds like a high end meal. Apparently you can have that experience at a McDonald’s price.

3. Grand Cheddar McMelt, Brazil

grand cheddar mcmelt

It’s made up of two juicy burgers stacked in double buns, covered in two soft pillowy layers of melted cheddar cheese (enough that it’s drizzling out of the sides) and two layers of sweet, caramelised onions.

4. McGrilled Chicken Curry Rice, Thailand


The dish consists of Jasmine rice produced in Thailand and a surprisingly thick red curry filled with chicken, green peas, and chili peppers.

5. McLobster, Canada


The sandwiches consists of “100 percent real North Atlantic Lobster and mayonnaise dressing layered on a bed of crisp leaf and shredded lettuce, served on a homestyle, toasted roll.

6. Chicken Mega Mac, Saudi Arabia 

chicken mega mac-compressed

When you put crisp lettuce, creamy mayo and melting cheese on four delicious layers of breaded chicken patties, one thing’s for sure…you’ll be fully satisfied.

7. McPaneer, India


Just one of McDonald’s India’s many vegetarian options, the McSpicy Paneer is a “burger” consisting of soft crispy coated paneer cheese, lettuce, and a tandoori mayonnaise.

8. Das Nürnburger, Germany


Three bratwursts, mustard, and onions form the German version of the Big Mac.

9. Shaka Shaka Chicken, Japan

shaka shaka chicken

A piece of fried chicken that comes in a paper pouch and with a little packet of spices you can shake over it.

10. Caramel Chocolate Waffle Cone, Australia 


A CHOCOLATE WAFFLE CONE topped with not one, but TWO creamy chocolate bars.

11. Taro Pie, China

taro pie china-compressed

This pie is filled with a concoction similar to chunky mashed potatoes, only it’s sweet and very purple.

12. Mozzarella Dippers, Britain 

mozzarella sticks

The image above says it all.

13. Bubblegum Squash McFlurry, Australia 


It’s blue bubble gum syrup and cute marshmallows mixed into the standard soft-serve.

14. Chocolate & Orange Pie, Turkey

orange chocolate pie-compressed

Deep fried pie filled with orange flavoured chocolate.

15. Cono Oreo, Mexico

oreo cone

It’s an Oreo cone!

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