15 Cool/Weird Things you see in Dubai

dubai malaysia
Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates and we are pretty sure many of you Malaysians know the people in Dubai are well-known for their luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and the lively nightlife scene.  

But below are the things that you don’t really see often in Dubai.

1. Huge pets  

huge pets

And at times you can see the owners riding on them.

riding on pets

2. They also have this “Twin-Jeep”

twin jeep-compressed

If they have this in Malaysia, for sure kena saman kaw kaw.

3. We got to admit that this 3rd point is actually pretty cool. Two words. Police Supercars

dubai police cars

4. Gold plated car also can be found there. It’s cool and weird at the same time

gold plated car

5. And they deliver your car ride to your door steps. With a helicopter

helicopter dubai

6. Unlike in Malaysia, their traffic jam is caused by Ferraris

traffic jam dubai

In Malaysia you see Myvi everywhere during traffic jams.

7. Vending machines for gold bars. WHAT!

vending machine gold dubai

For real bro!

8. Due to the lack of space on ground in Dubai, they build their tennis courts sky high

tennis court dubai sky high

9. And you can literally ski INSIDE shopping malls 

shopping malls dubai

At least we have Sunway Pyramid’s ice skating ring, right?

10. Air-conditioned bus stops 

panas gila babi

We need this in Malaysia. Considering our weather is PANAS GILA BABI.

11. This is their Starbucks 

starbucks dubai

12. They also have ‘Ice-Cafe’ which is the first ice lounge in the Middle East

That’s right! They actually have a cafe made of ice!

13. And you are not allowed to carry fish on metro/lrt

metro lrt

14. ‘Grooms Wanted’ advertisement in their newspaper is pretty common

grooms wanted

We should practice doing this in Malaysia as well since many forever alone guys and girls out there.

15. But going there is not all weird. Because in the end, you get to see this COOL place!

cool place in dubai

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