13 Things only skinny people in Malaysia will understand

skinny boy-compressed

1. You always have a hard time answering people when they ask you “Why are you working out?”

2. You eat as much as a normal human being do or probably more than that..but you still don’t gain weight

skinny boy on weight

3. Speaking about eating like a normal human being, people always ask you to eat more (mostly relatives)

4. People always put you in the backseat of their car if the car is full (they put the bigger size person in the front passenger seat)


5. If you ride a motorcycle with a friend, your friend will always be worried and wonder if you could take his/her weight

6. People always tell you that you will be fat after you get married and have kids


7. They always relate you to a skeleton or a twig…it hurts

8. And it also hurts when people joking that you’ll blow away in the wind

blow away in the wind

9. You hate the fact that you can’t wear skinny jeans/pants..It makes you look skinnier

10. But sometimes you feel good when people get jealous and tell you that its unfair for you to be skinny even though you eat a lot

feeling good

11. And the fact that they always compliment your pointy cheekbones and jawline puts a smile on your face

12. For the ladies…we know you are tired of hearing “Real woman have curves” but seriously…no one can truly define what a “real woman” is


We think that a real woman don’t have to comment on other woman’s appearance unless it’s positive and uplifting

13. For the boys..we know you love your easily formed six pack abs

skinny abs

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