13 Facts About UCSI University, Kuala Lumpur

ucsi university kuala lumpur

Here are little facts about USCI University which are mostly true as it comes from the students themselves. 

1. We are mainly made up of Chinese and Africans

2. Usually the process of a VISA getting done is pretty slow here. The management should definitely take this seriously.

3. Our confession page on Facebook is XXX rated

4. We just got Starbucks at our place and it’s heaven for us. So, we make it our library

5. We have two wings, South Wing and North Wing. South Wing = Lots of hot girls. North Wing = The other way round

ucsi university south wing and north wing


6. It’s known for one of the best engineering school in Malaysia

7. Between Starbucks and Giant lies our entertainment hub. POOL

8. Kebabs and “Nasi Kukus” makes our day at times

9. “Hilltop Parking” – Once we park there, we pray for our tyres not to be flat – FIX IT UCSI

10. Our librarian tells us to “SHUT UP” all the time – Sometimes we could be a little noisy but the library we have is definitely comfy

ucsi library new


11. We are probably still using dial up connection for the internet because it’s GOD DAMN SLOW! You guys need to fix this as well

12. Despite everything mentioned above, we have a new LMS page that keeps us updated for almost everything

13. Since it’s a small Uni, we get close to people pretty fast and most of the people are friendly and easy going

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