13 Facts About SMK Seksyen 1 Bandar Kinrara

smk bandar kinrara

1. SMK Seksyen 1 Bandar Kinrara is one of the most well known high schools in Puchong (co-ed school)

2. The teachers here are strict and only now we know the reason they acted that way (to keep us safe)


3. One of the reasons is due to the school location whereby it is sandwiched between 2 Indian gangsters known as 08 & 36

4. Speaking of teachers, thanks to Cikgu Hafizi & Cikgu Ng Poh Kian, students are no longer allowed to park their bikes inside the school since 2012 (too many rempit stunts)

5. In front of the school, there is a Dewan Masyarakat. Some students used to do some pretty bad things there like drugs, fighting and even consuming alcohol. But there are students that put the Dewan to a good use like playing badminton and doing homework. Thankfully, they built a wall which somehow stops the bad activities from happening

6. On Wednesdays, school gates are closed till 5PM because NO ONE goes for co-curriculum activities. On top of that, the school gives you black and white PJ (Pendidikan Jasmani) shirts. Hence, prison Wednesdays.


7. So far, 2008 there was 1 student who fell to his death at the school. 2010 there was a freak and fatal bike accident involving 1 of our student. And recently in 2014, 2 friends died on the way back home, on a bike. (R.I.P)

8. Most staircases have gates on every floor, because students ponteng, smoked and pee at the least used staircase

9. There is only one air-conditioned classrooms in the entire school and it was also the biggest. SO, logically they had to close it up since end of 2010 because bills were amounting

10. Even certain prefects act like gangsters at the school. But most of them are good to go

11. It also had the reputation for being the worst school in the entire Bandar Kinrara for a few years. BUT not anymore!

12. There are lot of genius and talented sports students come from this school. Heck, some ex-students and current students are pretty famous for their own reasons (TV, YouTube, etc). And we are proud of it

13. Overall, this school has thought us a lot and we surely do miss every single part of it

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