12 Things you need to do in Malaysia before turning 25

25 years old in malaysia

1. Talking your way out of a summon or just bribe the cops

dont just stand there like this dude

Don’t just stand there like this dude

2. You need to start paying student loan, start taking life seriously and start saving some money! For god sake! You are no longer 18!

3.¬†Stop saying I’LL GET BACK TO YOU and not get back to them

4. Go and vote la dei! Or just get yourself registered

vote wisely malaysia

5. Visit your high school, primary school and the teachers

visit high school balik

6. Seriously bro! Go out and do some exercise lah!

7. Relive your childhood by going to theme parks or whatever you used to do when you are a little kid..It brings back lotsa memories

bukit merah

8. Know that time, IS IMPORTANT..Don’t lah always say ON THE WAY..Learn to be on time!

9. Mama do this! Mama do that! Seriously, when you are 25, your Mama is not going to do anything for you! So try to get out of your comfort zone, learn how to cook, learn to do your own laundry and go find a serious relationship!

10. Speaking of Mama, buy lah some dinner/lunch for your family..Don’t tell me you are expecting your parents to feed you for 25 god damn years!

11. Learn to use the public transport…

malaysian public transport

12. Travel to another country much worst than Malaysia like India, Thailand and such..And you will be thankful living here in Malaysia

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